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It’s time to scale your brand on Meta’s Social Media platforms

Maple Forest understand how important it is for a business in achieving the right level of social proof, and in so doing grow your brands awareness and increase your business revenue, be it more ecommerce sales, or increased lead gneration activity, such as a website lead form submissions.


Social Media marketing through facebook and Instagram act as a 1st touchpoint, to attract and showcase what a brand has to offer and why choose us. If there is meaningful engagement you will see more visitor activity on your website, as people click through on our adverts to learn more about your offerings.


With our experience in delivering successful Social Media marketing campaigns for business and budgets of all sizes we are confident that our strategies for Social Media growth will achieve your goals and business objectives.

Facebook Ads – Ecommerce Sales Conversion Data & Return On Ad Spend Example

Facebook Ads:

Research & Planning

Before we create marketing campaigns we will always research and analyse your industry to better understand your customer’s expectations, and how best to market your business to your target audience efficiently. We will also analyse your available creatives, any previous campaigns you may have run, audience data, and current website traffic trends to help us create the best campaigns possible.

Facebook Set-up

Any Facebook Ad accounts which we need to create to get you started will be actioned by our team. We wll implement a variety of Facebook ad formats, including carousel ads, single image ads and video ads. We will test a variety of formats to find out what imagery and messages your target audience engage with and responds to. 

Targeting & Optimisation

We use Facebook’s advanced targeting features to place ads right in front of the audience that matters most to your business.

Facebook’s in-depth targeting will allow us to reach anyone that has an active Facebook account and isn’t using an ad blocker. With so many targeting choices we will need to test multiple variations to achieve and sustain the best performance.

Growth & Scaling

Accelerating growth and sales is what we’re best at, and taking your business to the next level is vital for us to prove our value add. We have the necessary tools and expertise to take your business to another echelon. We will find the winning formula and grow your campaigns exponentially!

Instagram Ads:

Why choose Instagram 

Reflect the culture and voice of your brand on Instagram. Engage customers daily and have them share feedback and opinions on your brand, product or services. Instagram  can drive brand awareness, boost sales, and build and track audience engagement using catchy and relevant visuals and video content.

Instagram Feed & Stories 

Instagram presents advertisers with many placement opportunities for you to engage with your target audience customers. In addition to the main feed timeline where the majority of adverts and videos are viewed, you also have Instagram Stories, which allow catchy video content and promotions within a 15-second video clip or gif. Animation and videos work really well and is great for brand awareness, promotions and for influencing decision making.

Targeting & Optimisation

Instagram has mulltiple ways to tap into your target audiences. In most cases the Instagram audience is younger than that of Facebook, somehwere between 18-35, so with this in mind, we alter and optimise the adverts which we send to the Instagram placement. With shopping on Instagram, we create a visual shopfront for your business that will allow people to explore your products with a single tap. We will manage your products so that they show on your Instagram page and on the Instagram feed to encourage purchases.

Budget & Spend

As Instagram is intergrated within a Facebook Ads account, there is a centralised billing menu for all advertsing activity. We look at the spend allocation between Facebook and Instagram and reallocate budgets accordingly based on the best performing placements for sales or leads.

A typical Social Media journey….

  • Audiences
    Indentify Customers

    We Identify Your Specific Target Audiences Across The Web As Part Of Our Strategic Planning

  • Targeting
    Use Precision Targeting

    We Target Your Audiences By Their Interests, Online Behaviour, Demograhics and Location.

  • Adverts
    Devise Advert Strategies

    We Create Relevnt On-Theme Advert Engagement Strategies To Promote Your Products and Services.

  • Visitors
    Attract Website Visitors

    Engaging Adverts Lead To Increased Website Visitor Traffic, Where You Showcase Your Product Ranges.

  • Sales
    Delight Customers & Clients

    You Benefit From More Ecommerce Sales and Lead Form Submissions Through Your Website.

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