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Using Google Ads & Bing Ads to increase targeted traffic.

Maple Forest have over a decade of success at growing our clients’ PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing strategies. We manage PPC accounts for businesses of all sizes and work diligently towards exceeding key performance indicator targets that demonstrate growth and scale. Our high client retention speaks for itself, and with our no-obligation contracts it keeps us focused on constantly delivering best possible results.


We’re a process-driven PPC management agency, which means that we focus on the only thing that matters: results. Our systems and processes offer deep integration with e-commerce: including dynamic feed-to-campaign synchronisation, human and automatic bid management systems, and extensive experience in conversion rate optimisation through PPC.

Why Choose Us

Improve Your ROI

Our first and foremost challenge is to make your advertising profitable for scale

Process Driven

We’re process-driven and have proven procedures that deliver results.

Support Tools

We have a dizzying array of tools at our disposal and are always developing more.

30 Day Rolling Contract

You’re not tied into any long contracts, we prove our value add and offer 30-day rolling agreements.

  • PPC Search Campaigns
  • Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Display Campaigns
  • Remarketing & RLSA Campaigns

Free PPC Healthcheck

Are your PPC campaigns under-performing? Let Maple Forest take a look at your account and you’ll get the following:


– Money Saving Opportunities


– Budget Reallocation Opportunities


– Utilising Google Ads Best Features / Campaign Types


– Scaling Best Performing Products / Services


– Better Advert Customer Engagement Ideas


– Budget Control Recommendations


– Tracking Tags / Tracking Codes / Implementation Review


– Remarketing Effectiveness Review

Google PPC Account Performance Stats Examples

Below you can see a few examples of client accounts that illustrate month-on-month conversion growth, while we skillfully reduce the cost-per-conversion or CPA.

Lead Generation Example

The first account example is a lead generation client, so the amount of ‘Contact Form’ lead “Conversions” are key for their business growth.

ppc example lead gen
E-Commerce Example

The second account example is an e-commerce client, so as well as highlighting the importance of conversions, the amount of sales revenue that we generate “Total conv. value” is a crucial metric for their business growth.

ppc example ecom

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